The Dominos Continue TO Fall…And Land Overseas

If it wasn’t real before, it is now. News trickled out that postseason star Danny Briere, as well as Philly man crush Claude Giroux has both signed with Eisbären Berlin of Germany’s DEL league.   If this doesn’t mean for a longer lockout, I don’t know what does. At least both players are going to serious contenders and we have a team to root for.  Germany’s Del league is considered to be the highest level of play in all of Germany Ice Hockey, and Eisbären has won the most championships in that league (6 titles in 7 years)…maybe the boys can bring back some experience to help end the Cup drought.

Danny has said from the beginning that he did not want to travel overseas and leave his kids unless he absolutely had to.  Looks like he has to as the league is preparing to cancel regular season games, which of course makes sense because they only lost about $100 million from a cancelled preseason.  Nothing makes more sense than a league “bleeding dry” of money then to cancel their only revenue stream…and I digress.

Claude on the other hand doesn’t surprise me all.  Giroux has stated on multiple occasions that he was reluctant to sign in the KHL and only want to play somewhere he had familiarity with the players.  With the few Flyers who have signed lockout contracts overseas, Danny is the guy G is most likely the closest with.  After all, they did have that killer bachelor pad two years ago.

Expect more Flyers to go overseas as regular season games begin to get cancelled.  The month of October is huge in terms of progression for a CBA.  While I do not believe they need to have a deal in place for there to be a season by the end of the month, I do feel they need to be pretty darn close.

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