David Boreanaz and Dustin Leed on our Second Show!

Our second podcast just concluded and WOW were we suprised with who called in.  We had special guests, David Boreanaz from Bones, Dustin Leed from TheFourthPeriod and TheHockeyGuys, and Justin Bradford from Monday Night Forehand all call in for a show that will never be forgotten! With guests like these and interaction like we had, expect our show to be a more regular occurrence as the off-season continues and hopefully we start the 2012-2013 hockey season.

We discussed a variety of topics ranging from defensive pairings, offensive lines, trade scenarios and what we all thought about regarding #weberwatch. You can find the link to our 2nd show right here:


As always we appreciate our followers interaction, and look forward to many more successful shows to come! A special thanks again to David, Dustin and Justin…you are always welcome!

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