The Orange Update is here to stay… but we need YOUR help!

As many of you may know, the crew at The Orange Update recently acquired the popular all-sports blog Buzz On Broad. Here at The Orange Update, we were unsure as to what the future of our site would be, especially with the demanding task of now covering not only the Flyers, but the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, and Union as well.

We thought it might not be possible to successfully run and dedicate our best efforts into both sites for the best readers in Philly. Any lack of quality either here on TOU or over on Buzz On Broad was something we were trying to avoid.

After some careful deliberation, we’ve outlined a plan to keep The Orange Update in business. We’re here to stay, but we need your help:

Over the next few weeks, management here at TOU will be looking to fill some contributor roles for the site. We want writers who share our passion and knowledge for the Flyers. We want writers who will be able to offer up unique, interesting, and quality content for some of the best hockey fans of Orange Update Nation.

If you are interested in applying for one of the following roles, or you know someone who might fit the description, please contact us as soon as you can. You can either email us at or direct message us on Twitter.

Keep in mind, these are non-paying positions but will include several benefits including free apparel and merchandise, invitations to Flyers personality interviews and player autograph signings, media credentials to select Flyers games this upcoming season, and commission based on advertising clients acquired. It’s also a fantastic piece to put on your resume or portfolio if you are looking to break into the industry.

1) Senior Editor: will oversee the majority of content that gets published to the site, lead contributor, administrative duties, social media contributor.

2) Lead Writer(s) (1-2): responsible for pre/post game reports, player personell articles, team news, and social media contributions. Along with Senior Editor and current owners (Rob and Danny), will provide majority of content.

Each applicant will supply a writing sample and completed application to be considered for the positions. Applications will be made available upon position requests.

We’re excited to make this announcement and we hope to bring on board a passionate new crew to help continue The Orange Update’s presence in the hockey blogging world!

One Response to “The Orange Update is here to stay… but we need YOUR help!”
  1. Tony T says:

    Orange Update is back Babyyyy!

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