Check Out How You Can Meet Wayne Simmonds FOR FREE

Well Flyers fans, it’s contest time again! Thanks to our partners at Just Sports Collectibles, Flyers fans in the Delaware Valley will get a chance to meet an athlete that embodies the city of Philadelphia: forward Wayne Simmonds. Wayne Simmonds will be signing autographs on Friday, March 2nd from 7:00-8:30pm at the Voorhees Town Center. And the best part about it? For just $25, you can meet one of the hottest forwards on the Flyers and receive an autograph on any item. $25 guys, that’s only 100 quarters, for an autograph and an unforgettable night at JSC. You can’t beat that. Click here or on the photo for more information.

The contest this time around is going to be a bit different. It’s going to take a little work on your end, a little hustle, kind of like Simmer on a nightly basis. Check out what it’s going to take for you to win a FREE ticket to the signing, which gets you a meet and greet with Simmonds and an autographed puck:

The Orange Update Scavenger Hunt:

We’re going to be presenting a series of questions, to which the answers can be found between, our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and the Just Sports Collectibles Facebook page. The questions below should be answered and submitted to us via email at In addition, to complete your submission, you need to write this line on JSC’s Facebook wall: “I want to meet Wayne Simmonds!” (but don’t worry, once you email us your answers we’ll remind you).

We are looking for a few things with these answers. Accuracy and correctness are important, but so is how quickly you submit it. We aren’t going to announce who submitted or when, so get us the answers as soon as you complete them.

You have until Tuesday at midnight to both email us your answers and write that line on Just Sports Collectibles Facebook wall.

We will be selecting 5, yes 5 winners to meet Simmonds for FREE at random out of all the correct entries! All winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 29th at noon.

Everyone’s A Winner!!

Now you might be thinking, “What chance do I really have to win this thing?”. And the answer is, you all have the chance to be winners. In addition to there being 5 winners to the contest, there’s another way to win. By simply submitting answers into this contest, you’ll automatically receive 20% off your next purchase at Just Sports Collectibles, good through 3/31/12. To receive the coupon, you need to pick it up on Friday, March 2nd at The Orange Update Table during the signing!

It’s a little way of thanking the best fans in the greatest city for your undying support.

So without further adieu, here are the questions.

1)  What year was The Orange Update established?

2)  What song does Dancin’ Shawny Hill say the crowd has a better reaction to?

3)  What was the Sign Man’s first sign?

4)  What was Joe Kadlec’s first Flyers job title in 1967?

5)  How many total t-shirts designs are in The Orange Update shop?

6)  What is The Orange Update’s hashtag on Twitter created in hopes for Chris Pronger’s recovery?

7) What was The Orange Update nominated for in 2011?

8)  What color is the background (behind the logo) of our Facebook profile picture?

9) Who is the next professional athlete that will be signing autographs at Just Sports Collectibles?

10) Which Flyers players has Just Sports Collectibles had for signings this season?

Well… what are you waiting for? GET STARTED!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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