2012 Sounds Of The Flyers

Many sports fans have a tendency to take for granted the music that helps to bring the sporting event atmosphere to life.  We Flyers fans are, unfortunately, no exception.  Many of us attend Flyers games and don’t even think twice about the music blasting in the stadium.  We assume that the music will always be playing, and that the right song will always be played at the right time.  Of course, it can never be that simple. We decided to do a little digging and find the real story behind the Flyers stadium music – and his name is Mark Wyatt.

The Orange Update had the chance to interview the Philadelphia Flyers “music guy”.  Mark has been with the Flyers since 2000, but started as the “music guy” in September 1997 at the Spectrum for the Philadelphia Phantoms.

Mark, a former dance club DJ, controls all of the stadium sounds, including the goal horn.  He starts the night out with some “walk-in music” before the game, controls the background music while Lou Nolan and Shawny Hill are speaking, and plays music during any other stoppage.

For the pregame skate music, all Mark does is control the songs – the players themselves actually choose the setlist. Here is the 2012 “Sounds of the Flyers”:

Pregame Skate Music (selected by the players):

“Beautiful People”- Marilyn Manson (Intro only)

“Tonight Is The Night”- Outasight

“Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix)”- Kid Cudi

“Pressure (Alesso Remix)”- Nadia Ali, Starkillers, and Alex Kenji

“Feel So Close”- Calvin Harris

“Glad You Came”- The Wanted

“Money Talks”- AC/DC

Song Team Skates Out To:

“Du Hast”- Rammstein

Song Played Before Opening Faceoff (Flyers, (opponent), NOW!):

“Rebirthing”- Skillet

As for the music Mark plays during the game, it depends on how the game is going.  Generally, Mark plays songs from the top 40 charts in the Alternative, Active Rock, and Adult Rock genres.  In Mark’s position, timing is important to set the appropriate mood.  For example –  if the Flyers are winning the music is fun and upbeat.  In other instances, such as a power play or if the team is losing, he tends to play “aggressive” music.  Here is a link to where some of today’s music charts can be found:


Over the years, the Flyers have gone through several goal songs, but this one has seemed to stick:

Flyers Goal Song:

“Maria (I Like It Loud)”- Scooter

If you haven’t been to a Flyers game, or just haven’t seen a win, the Flyers play a song from a local band after each win:

Song Played After Flyers Win:

“The Orange And The Black”- The Boils

Courtesy of HBO’s 24/7, Flyers nation now knows that the Flyers have a ritual after every victory.  As soon as the players head down the tunnel, this song plays in the locker room:

Victory Song In The Locker Room:

“Knock, Knock”- Mac Miller

When we asked Mark how he picks the music, he told us that he chooses exciting, upbeat music.  He knows that it’s pretty much impossible to please all 20,000 people in the Wells Fargo Center every night, but there are of course some fan favorites.

Some of the fan favorites are:

“Welcome To The Jungle”- Guns N’ Roses

“Twilight Zone”- 2 Unlimited

“Crazy Train”- Ozzy Osbourne

“Rocky Theme”

“Hells Bells”- AC/DC

Mark plays a variety of music to please the crowd, and tries to change things up  game by game.  We asked Mark if there is any specific song/music that he feels brings the crowd to life, and his answer may not surprise you.  The song that Flyers fans respond to most is the classic “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses. Mark admits that he tries to save that song for a pressure situation when we need a big reaction from the crowd.

Mark has done a tremendous job so far, and he is just one of hundreds of people that make the in-game atmosphere so exhilarating.  Mark summed up his job in one great sentence, “I’m a Flyers fan just like everyone else…I just happen to have a louder way to express my feelings during the game!”

The Orange Update extends its gratitude to Mark Wyatt for taking the time to answer some questions and provide us with this list of songs.  Feel free to offer some song/artist suggestions to Mark –  just post it in the comments below and we’ll make sure that Mark gets them.

13 Responses to “2012 Sounds Of The Flyers”
  1. Paul Vitt says:

    I’m looking for the title and artist of the song that was played at the opening of the Flyers/Sabres telecast on CSN, on February 16, 2012. The song was played while airing a brief video of the Flyers pregame skate. It only lasts about 20 seconds and consists of a simple guitar riff alone, followed by a drum lead-in, followed by a more intense and faste riff consisting of the guitar, drums, and bass. At the end of short time it plays, you can hear a slide or steel guitar improvising in the background. Overall, the song sounds like a a heavy metal instrumental. I really like the sound of it and that’s why I’m contacting you. I emailed CSN about three months ago, and they never responded. Thanks so much for your help. Paul

  2. Mary says:

    I was wondering if he, or anyone, knows the name of the song(s) they play during the video montages at home games? Or do those songs vary by games depending on the crowds vibe? Thanks so much for any suggestions.

  3. Jena F. says:

    Love this post! Question for you! I was at the caps v. flyers game tonight and there was song played during a “commercial break” and it was a rock song with lyrics like “so your back’s against a wall”. Any idea what song that might have been? I loved it! Thank you so much!! 🙂

  4. Tara J. Tomasello says:

    What was is song played with video before every game showing the flyers and the kids? They aged it before Flyers Montreal Fan appreciation game on march 24, 2012 but it is played before every game

  5. Tara J. Tomasello says:

    What Is song played with video before every game showing the flyers and the kids? They aged it before Flyers Montreal Fan appreciation game on march 24, 2012 but it is played before every game

  6. Toby Casagrande says:

    Hi, any chance I can get the Mark’s setlist from the 3/30 game vs. ottowa??? There was a must have song during a break in the 3rd period!!!

    He plays great stuff…the Flyers website should post his setlist!


  7. hawksfan98 says:

    The goal song is doop though…

  8. hawksfan98 says:

    nevermind haha

  9. brrr what happened to that boy says:

    Fun fact I just learned: Mark Wyatt apparently used to run a magazine called “Inside Track” and disappeared with the subscribers money. The moar you know.

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